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13.08.2019 23:48:42

Modern urban development: confident steps towards progress

The number of beautiful and landscaped areas in Uzbekistan is increasing as a result of measures aimed at radically renewing the image of cities and villages, improving social conditions.

Most of these reforms are being implemented in a new, large-scale and modern way. In particular, construction of Tashkent City international business center of the capital is underway.

The project of Tashkent City international business center was developed with participation of ARUP (United Kingdom), Tabanlioglu (Turkey), DPArchitects (Singapore) and other leading international companies. The main thing is that governmental funds are not attracted for construction. Completion of the new center in accordance with international standards is planned for 3 years. One of the first facilities under construction is a five-star hotel and Congress Hall. Tashkent City will provide services to guests of the capital, entrepreneurs and people of the country. Congress Hall will be used for public events.

Construction of a business center, industrial park, shopping malls, conference halls, restaurants and cultural centers, multi-storey buildings is being carried out at an accelerated pace on an area of 80 hectares.

There is not much time left before the opening of Tashkent City park. Areas for walking and recreation, an artificial pond and modern restaurants on the shore will be built on this territory. The planetarium project based on international standards is developed by Turkish experts.

An artificial lake with an area of 1.5 hectares will be created on the territory of Tashkent City.

Such large-scale construction projects pursue a good goal – improving the welfare of the population, creating decent living conditions for them.