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14.10.2017 12:26

Modern culture and recreation centre put into use in village

In Bukhara district, the “Galaosiyo” culture and recreation centre has been renovated properly and put into use.

A great deal of construction work was carried out there in accordance with a resolution dated 25 June 2013 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to create modern culture and recreation centres in the years 2013-2018”.

As part of the renovation work, the building and its training rooms were refurbished, and the necessary conditions were created for trainees. Its viewing hall was expanded, and the number of seats there was increased to 210.

It was said at an event held on this occasion that this culture and recreation centre would be of significance to local people spending their leisure time meaningfully and well and to discovering and supporting young talents.

Dance, national performing arts, national musical instruments and chess and checkers clubs have been set up at the culture place, and in these clubs nearly 100 young people are attending sessions in areas of interest to them.

“Previously, I had to go to a culture and recreation centre that is 5 km away to attend dancing classes. Now I am learning dance techniques with the help of an experienced choreographer right here in our village,” says 11 year-old Venera Ahmedova.

According to information from the region’s culture directorate, in the near future, the buildings of culture and recreation centres in Vobkent, Peshku and Romitan districts will also be put into use after the completion of major renovation work there.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA
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