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07.09.2018 17:58

Military servicemen travel to Samarkand

Spiritual-enlightenment meetings under the motto “Homeland is sacred, its protection is an honorable duty” were organized for soldiers of military units of the city of Samarkand and their families.

Samarkand military unit hosted a meeting with representatives of state and public organizations within the framework of the event, organized in pursuance of the resolution of the President of the country “On radical improvement of the system of raising the spiritual-enlightenment level of military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan” of August 4, 2018.

The main attention at the meeting was paid to issues of strengthening the country’s defensive capabilities and reformation of the national army, training highly-qualified military personnel.

Then, military personnel and their families traveled across Samarkand.

Military servicemen together with their families visited the State Museum of Cultural History of Uzbekistan and got acquainted with exhibits. In “Samarkand kitob olami” spiritual-enlightenment complex, they got acquainted with literary novelties published in Uzbekistan. Officers and sergeants bought books for themselves and their children.

The tour ended with “Mirzo Ulugbek” performance in Samarkand regional musical drama theater.

Golib Khasanov, UzA
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