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21.03.2018 10:32

Military servicemen celebrated Navruz

Military servicemen celebrated Navruz Festive events dedicated to national holiday Navruz were held at Sports Complex of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan.

Participants of the event were pleased with holiday repertoire of musicians of the Central Military Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense under the guidance of Major Bakhtiyor Saidjanov. Military marches, bravura melodies created a unique atmosphere of celebration.

Military servicemen celebrated Navruz

Then, contests in rope pulling, football, volleyball and chess were held at stadium. Drawing competitions for children of military personnel, dedicated to Navruz, were also held.

Communications department team took the first place in rope pulling contest. The second place was taken by military intelligence and the third place by team of main directorate of logistics.

Demonstration performances on executing techniques with weapons of cadets of Chirchik Higher Tank Command and Engineering School, and of military dog handlers of the Central Nursery of Service Dog Breeding of the Ministry of Defense were greeted by a stormy applause of audience.

Young spectators were delighted with performances in hand-to-hand combat of cadets of Chirchik Higher Tank Command and Engineering School. An exhibition of samples of weapons and military equipment of the national army of Uzbekistan was also organized.

Participants of the folk festivals were pleased by folk melodies and performances of artists of the Central song and dance ensemble of the Armed forces, who prepared a special festive program.

The festive event was held in a high spirit. May everyday be like Navruz!

Ablay Kamalov, photos by Akil Gulamov, UzA
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