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30.08.2018 19:58

Memory of Motherland’s brave sons is eternal

Memory of Motherland’s brave sons is eternal
A presentation of “Mard o’g’lonlar nomi barhayot” (The memory of brave sons of Motherland is eternal) book, dedicated to the bright memory of our compatriots, who died in the line of their service duties, was held at the Writers Union of Uzbekistan.

The event was attended by representatives of ministries of Defense, Internal Affairs, Emergency Situations, State Security Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan, general public, writers and poets, relatives and friends of those who had fallen for the country’s freedom and peace. 

The book, created at the initiative of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, is embodiment of high respect for the memory of brave sons of Uzbekistan people.

It tells about glorious path of life and heroism of 222 heroes, who gave their lives for the country’s freedom, present peaceful and tranquil life. Every compatriot, who reads it, becomes deeply aware of value of present prosperous life.

Following the event, relatives and friends of heroes were presented with gifts.

Gulnoza Boboyeva, UzA
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