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14.08.2019 14:45:02

Melon Festival 2019 kicks off in Khiva

Qovun Sayli (Melon Festival), which is traditionally held in Khorezm on the eve of Independence Day, has kicked off in Khiva.

Various varieties of melon are presented in a festively decorated pavilions reserved for each district and city.

Gourds of various varieties known around the world for their unforgettable taste, grown by experienced farmers of Khorezm, delight both the local population and foreign guests who came to the pearl of the East – Khiva.

A trade exhibition "Gurvak – a symbol of Khorezm melon production" is organized within the framework of the festival, held in order to attract attention of local and foreign tourists, as well as to increase their flow to the region. Melons, fresh and processed fruits, dried fruits are presented at the exhibition.

Farmers and practitioners are working to restore the lost and creation of new, export-oriented varieties of melon. A vivid example of this is the high-yielding melon varieties “Gurlan”, “Amudaryo”, “Gulobi Khorazmi”, “Sakhovat”, “Zargulobi”, which are resistant to various climatic conditions.

Participants of the event are becoming familiar with activities of specialists in the field.

An exhibition of flowers and handicrafts, theatrical performances, performances of regional folklore and ethnographic groups and young pop singers will also be organized during the festival.