Uzbekistan National News Agency

08.09.2018 13:24

Meeting with a science historian

The State Art Museum of Uzbekistan hosted a meeting with honored scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, science historian, archaeologist Akhmadali Askarov. It was attended by his apprentices, professor-teachers, young researches and students.

Large-scale reforms aimed at development of science and culture are being carried out in Uzbekistan. In addition, as a result of studying the history of Uzbekistan, in particular, archeological researches, work on studying rich material-technical heritage of our ancestors is being accelerated. Uzbekistan scientists’ great merits play an important role in effective organization of this field of science 

A. Askarov is one of the scientists who made a worthy contribution not only to archeology, but also to the development of the study of subject of history. Thanks to effective work on the way of development of science and culture of the country, the academician was awarded with the title of honored worker of science of the Republic of Uzbekistan, “El-yurt hurmati” (“Respected by people and homeland”) order. He is also the author of “History of Uzbekistan” three volume book, “Historical anthropology of Central Asia”, “History of the origin of Uzbek people”, “Bronze age in Southern Uzbekistan” rich monographs, more than 450 brochures and scientific articles. The scientist's works have been translated into Russian, German, Persian and other languages.

Issues of further development of archeology in Uzbekistan, important archeological monuments, importance of studying the subject of archeology, archaeological researches in recent years were discussed at the meeting. Participants received detailed answers to their questions.

Barno Melikulova, UzA