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14.08.2018 11:57

Market services grew by 8.1 percent

Reforms conducted in Uzbekistan contributed to an increase in the growth of market services by 8.1 percent. In January-July of 2018, according to preliminary data, the volume of rendered market services amounted to 78662.3 billion soums. The structure of rendered market services is dominated by transport services (30.1%), trade services (27.5%), financial services (14.0%), communication and information services (6.9%), the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics reports.

In January-July, 2018, the growth of economic services in the field of architecture, engineering surveys, technical tests and analysis amounted to 36.0%, financial services – 33.2%, communication and information services – 16.9%, health services – 14.7%.

For comparison, in January-July 2017, the growth rate of services in the region architecture, engineering surveys, technical testing and analysis amounted to 107.2%, financial services – 135.1%, communication and information services – 116.3%, health services – 114.6%.

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