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06.06.2018 19:03

Latin and innovations in medicine

The Latin, considered dead language, is the basis of writing for many languages.

As it was emphasized at the scientific-practical conference “The importance of innovations for studying the Latin language in medicine”, held at Tashkent State Dental Institute, rapid development of medicine in the world once again made the knowledge of Latin relevant.

Participants of the event, specialists of foreign and domestic medical institutions, philologists, researchers and students, exchanged views on current problems of teaching the Latin language in medicine and increasing the importance of innovation.

In Uzbekistan, educational and methodological criteria for in-depth study of Latin in medical higher education institutions have been created. However, much remains to be done in terms of introducing innovative technologies into the sphere.

At the conference, the experience of veteran teachers, who for many years taught Latin for physicians, was studied.

Mokhigul Kosimova, UzA
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