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08.10.2017 12:59

Journalists’ qualifications upgraded for coverage of work of the legal-judicial sphere

The public foundation for the provision of support for and the development of independent print media and news agencies of Uzbekistan has arranged two-day training courses in Tashkent on the subject of “The upgrading the professional qualifications of journalists for coverage of the work of the legal-judicial sphere and for the conducting of journalistic investigation”.

The acting director of the public foundation, L.Suvonov; and others have noted that in the process of the implementation of socio-political reforms in this country, special attention is being paid to strengthening interaction between the judicial power and mass media.

The purpose of arranging this training course is for journalists to specialize in coverage of issues of the liberalization and democratization of this country’s judicial system, to work out rules of professional ethics in conducting journalistic investigation and to learn to initiate effective cooperation between courts and mass media.

“Today some measures relating to the law sphere should be carried out to further improve cooperation between the judicial branch and mass media. In this area, it is important to regularly analyse articles published in print media about the work of courts, to work out specific recommendations on this basis for employees of courts and mass media and to study foreign countries’ experience of cooperation between courts and media,” says the chief editor of the Nuroniy newspaper, O.Usarov.

It has been noted that journalists reporting on the work of the judicial sphere should be able to use such methods as getting information, observation, interviews, conversations and analyses of documents.

While conducting journalistic investigation, journalists should cooperate with their colleagues, editors and experts and should be well aware of legislative norms guaranteeing the receipt of open information and should make sure that their reports are not insulting to anyone’s honour or dignity.

During the event, proposals were made on the public foundation and its partners arranging training courses in this and other areas on a regular and systemic basis.

Davron Sunnatov, UzA
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