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03.05.2017 09:45

Job fair for medical workers

At the initiative of the Samarqand Regional directorate of health, a job fair has been conducted.

The event was held for workers of the health care system and graduates of medical higher education establishments and vocational colleges, and it was attended by district and town medical associations and regional medical centres with vacant job positions.

It was said at the event that in reforms in the health care system of the country under the leadership of the President, workers of this sphere would have a big responsibility for providing the population with high quality modern medical services.

A more attentive attitude to work is required of doctors and nursing personnel as effort is being made to improve the work of rural medical stations and that of family polyclinics.

At the event, this was explained to medical workers looking for a job, and consultancy and recommendations were given to them.

“I am a dentist with a high education degree. I considered jobs offered at the job fair and chose a job in a house of mercy in Urgut. I going to that place for a job interview as there are also other applicants,” says Farruh Mahmudov living in Samarqand.

At the job fair, 218 people got documents for job placement at medical establishments.

Gholib Hasanov, UzA
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