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14.03.2019 12:33:13

Introduction of a new vaccine against human papilloma virus in Uzbekistan

Information and Mass Communications Agency under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Health organized a press conference on introduction of a new vaccine against human papilloma virus in Uzbekistan.

Routine vaccination against this virus is carried out in 92 countries, 36 countries within the WHO Regional Office for Europe. High effectiveness of this vaccination in reducing the number of diseases proved in clinical experiments, including at the example of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and New Zealand – countries where this vaccine has been used for many years.

The importation of vaccine into Uzbekistan will begin in the first half of this year, and since the beginning of October, about 400,000 girls under the age of 9 will be vaccinated in schools and primary health institutions.