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09.10.2013 14:37

International Industrial Exhibitions in Tashkent

International industrial exhibitions as part of the Central Asian Industrial Week 2013 have opened at the Uzexpocenter.

The shows are organized by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the State Committee for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Uzmakhsusimpex state enterprise and the Tashkent city hokimiyat (administration) in partnership with the international exhibition company ITE Uzbekistan.

It was noted in particular at the opening ceremony of the event that wide-ranging reforms are being undertaken in Uzbekistan under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to boost and modernize manufacturing in all sectors of the economy, particularly in mining industry, metalworking, machinery and mechanical engineering, as well as in the spheres of security and fire safety. The resolution of the head of our state “On Priorities of Bolstering the Manufacturing Industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan during 2011-2015” signed 15 December 2010 serves as an important guide for action on this front.

Some 70 firms and companies from around twenty nations like Uzbekistan, China, Germany, France, New Zealand, Singapore, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Belarus and Iran are offering their goods and services at the exposition.

A special attention is paid in our country to the further enhancement of mining industry, the introduction of cutting-edge technologies in the development of new deposits, the extraction and reprocessing of mineral resources, the rational use of production capacities, and the steadfast expansion of export oriented and import substituting competitive goods. State-of-the-art technologies are being introduced into this sector.

The exhibition Mining World Uzbekistan 2013 offers a good opportunity to exchange expertise and information on the application of modern production technologies and familiarization with new equipment and machinery in the mining industry. At the exposition, representatives of major firms and companies from around the world demonstrate mining technologies, loading machines, drilling equipment, ventilation systems, compressors, pumps, special machinery and services.

“Our company has been attending this exhibition for the first time,” says Raman Pandiyan, manager of the Singapore-based OSG Asia. “We specialize in the production of cutting instruments used in the aerospace, machine-building and engineering industries. Favorable conditions are created in Uzbekistan for cooperation with foreign investors. During the exhibition we would like to establish mutually advantageous partnership and sign agreements with business people from Uzbekistan.”

Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan has joined the ranks of countries with advanced machine building. Wide-scale works are underway in our country to modernize enterprises of mechanical engineering and metalworking and steadily introduce advanced technologies into the production process.

Quite extensive also is the range of participants of the exposition Machinery Central Asia 2013. It presents technologies for the modernization of manufacturing enterprises, special equipment, and technologies for construction of roads, tubes, metal-cutting tools, load-lift machinery and many other types of goods.

“We have been regular at the exhibitions held in Uzbekistan,” Alexei Kovalev, director of department at the StankoGomel open stock company in Belarus, says. “Our company manufactures a variety of lathes, installments of vertical and horizontal processing. All the conditions are created at the exhibition for the participants to hold talks, reach deals and agreements.”

The building of internal highways and the connection with international transport networks requires securing reliable safety. At the international exposition “Protection, Security and Fire Safety – CIPS 2013, displayed are the domestically and foreign produced security means, tools of radiation control, gas masks, tank trucks and firefighting machines.

“Our company offers equipment for wireless networks, switchboards, routers, optic equipment, terminals, broadband mobile technologies, closed-circuit television systems, as well as goods and services for enterprises and organizations operating in the telecommunications sector,” says the senior manager of the Huawei Tech Investment Tashkent limited liability company Farrukh Nasirkhojaev. “Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, favorable conditions and extensive opportunities are created in our country for entrepreneurship entities that serve as an important factor of the success of our enterprise, too.”

The exhibitions within the Central Asian Industrial Week will serve for an extensive attraction of foreign investments to our country, the further development of leading sectors of the manufacturing industry, in particular the mining industry, metalworking, machine building, along with the creation of joint ventures with foreign partners, the study of the demand and offer in the sphere as well as the expansion of trade turnover.


UzA, Nodira Manzurova, photo by Yolkin Shamsiddinov
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