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29.10.2018 20:38:04

Inter-Parliamentary cooperation develops

Committee on International Affairs and Inter-Parliamentary Relations of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis organized a roundtable on “Significance of inter-parliamentary cooperation in development of international relations”.

The main purpose of the event is to discuss important areas of cooperation of the lower house of parliament with foreign countries’ parliaments, study their work experience, develop proposals and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of inter-parliamentary relations.

Today there are 21 inter-parliamentary cooperation groups in the Legislative Chamber dealing with cooperation issues with foreign countries’ parliaments, 17 of them are formed in cooperation with the Senate.

During the roundtable, it was noted that further strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation requires studying the experience of parliaments of developed countries in the field of lawmaking, a comparative analysis of foreign countries’ legislation, improving the quality of preparing legislative acts with effective use of international practice, further strengthening and expanding activities of inter-parliamentary cooperation groups.

Following the discussions, proposals and recommendations were developed on ensuring the country’s national interests in the international arena by expanding “parliamentary diplomacy”.