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08.12.2018 20:10

Intensive technologies – high-yield guarantee

Intensive technologies – high-yield guarantee
Intensive gardens on 2646 hectares were laid over the past three years in Andijan region. The total area of such gardens in the region is 5019 hectares.

Gardening plays a big role in development of the country’s agricultural industry. 5775 farms specialized in horticulture and viticulture are effectively operating in Andijan region.

This year, the region harvested 539.4 thousand tons of fruit, 85.3 thousand tons of grapes. Fruit and vegetable products worth 78 million USD were exported.

Low- and medium-grown varieties of apple, pear, plum, cherry and peach, imported from Serbia, Greece, Poland, and Turkey, were planted.

It should be noted that Andijan formed its own school of gardening. Practical implementation of advanced technologies and experience, the fight against plant diseases allows to get rich yields.

The main part of the gardens in the region is located in a hilly area. In conditions of low water and rapid drying of the soil, the use of cost-effective, efficient irrigation methods is required. Therefore, gardeners are widely using drip irrigation.

Fakhriddin Ubaydullayev, UzA
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