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19.02.2018 20:51

Indian doctors visited Namangan

Doctors of “ Fortes" clinic India carried out medical examination of the population in Namangan.

In 2017, doctors and specialists of the leading medical institutions of Russia and Germany conducted in-depth medical examination of the population and surgical operations in Namangan.

Indian specialists also conducted medical examination of the population in cardiac surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, nephrology and urology in the regional children’s multidisciplinary medical center, regional cardiology center and polyclinic of the regional multidisciplinary medical center, gave appropriate recommendations.

During the medical examination, patient Mukarram Jurayeva suffering from kidney disease was examined by foreign nephrologists. She was hospitalized and prescribed treatment course.

There were also doctors and investment managers among representatives of “Fortes” clinic.They held negotiations on expanding mutually beneficial cooperation.

Akram Sattorov,UzA
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