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01.10.2018 17:38:36

India’s private clinics to open their branches in Uzbekistan

It’s no secret that people of Uzbekistan often use services of foreign clinics for certain diseases treatment or complex operations. Taking this into account, the practice of attracting highly qualified specialists from India is applied in Uzbekistan, which yields significant results.

Medical tourism is well developed in India. Many people from different countries visit India for medical services. Qualified medical specialists of the country cope with their task at a high level.

India’s Medanta clinic is well known abroad. Traumatology, cardiology and oncology diseases are treated there, complex heart surgery, transplantation of various organs are carried out. The most advanced innovative methods of conducting brain surgery are applied. The clinic, which has branches in the United States and Singapore, receives thousands of patients every year. Our compatriots are also among them.

Taking into account high achievements of this clinic, as well as the needs of our compatriots, it is planned to open its branch in Uzbekistan. According to the Press Service of the Ministry of Health, the parties agreed on this at a meeting of representatives of the ministry with managers of the clinic.

Medanta Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Naresh Trehan emphasized that the branch in Uzbekistan will be equipped with the most modern medical technologies, staffed by qualified physicians.

It is planned to invest $15 million to implement the new project.

Pratiksha Hospital Group is also showing great interest in establishing its activities in Uzbekistan, which is the result of fruitful Uzbekistan – India cooperation. It is planned to allocate more than $10 million to implement this project.