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01.01.1970 06:00:00

In past 10 days, more than 6 thousand problems found

A republican working group for studying the socio-moral environment in neighbourhoods in Rishton district of Farghona region and helping to tackle identified shortcomings has held dialogue with locals.

In this country, special attention is being paid to ensuring human interests, improving the living standards and solving problems.

In Rishton district, which borders on a neighbouring country, a programme of socio-economic development has been drawn up, and its implementation is treated as a priority. Tangible work is being done here. And still there are problems in many areas.

The republican working group studied the work of 68 neighbourhood citizens gatherings, and they visited 11,946 households. During the process of study, more than 6 thousand problems were found in such areas as public education, the provision of electricity, liquefied gas and drinking water, road repairs and unemployment. Some of these problems were solved right there. A specific programme of measures is being drawn up to find solutions to the rest of them.

With the participation of the republican working group, 33 transformers were repaired in the district’s neighbourhoods. More than 4 thousand 533 tonnes of coal was delivered to the district’s population. A road was repaired. The issue of supplying pure drinking water to a locality was also solved.

In this district, a lot of work was done in such areas as the development of entrepreneurship, employment, medicine and education.