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02.05.2017 22:34

In Nukus town, new homes provided for two war veterans

In Nukus town, new homes provided for two war veterans Keys to new homes have been given to Qadirboy Narmanov and Boltaboy Saparov, World War Two veterans living in the town of Nukus.

In accordance with a Presidential decree dated 4 April 2017 “On awards for participants in World War Two” and a Presidential resolution “On measures to prepare for Day of Remembrance and Honour and to celebrate this holiday”, monetary prizes, valuable gifts and new homes are being given ceremonially to war veterans.

The chairman of the Qoraqalpoghiston republican department of the Nuroniy (veteran) foundation, Sh.Usnitdinov; and others said that consistent work was being carried out in this country to protect human rights and interests, to show high respect for surviving veterans of World War Two and to honour the memory of those who had fallen in that war and that this work also served to bring up the younger generation in the spirit of love for the Motherland and devotion to ideas of independence.

92-year old Qadirboy Narmanov was provided with a house newly built in the Onasoy neighbourhood. His life-long heroic strivings are unique examples to the younger generation. In the year 1944, Qadirboy’s health deteriorated, and he returned to his native Amudaryo District. Together with his wife Orozgul, he brought up one boy and four girls. Today he has more than 20 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. He says that good conditions have been created in this country for the development of the younger generation. And he says thanks be to the Creator for these bright days.

“We constantly feel care and attention from our state. We are especially glad about honour and respect being shown to war and labour veterans. May there always be peace in our country. May our state’s prestige further rise,” he says proudly.

Word War Two veteran Botaboy Saparov has been provided with a house newly built in the Juvozchi neighbourhood.

“We saw the hardships caused by that war. We pray that the Creator will protect today’s prosperous life and our peaceful Motherland from the evil eye,” says 94-year-old Boltaboy Saparov.

At the ceremonial event, sponsor organizations provided furniture and home appliances for these war veterans. Artistes performed melodies and songs.

The chairman of the Joqorghi Kenges (supreme council) of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, M.Erniyazov, made a speech at the event.

Aminboy Ortiqboyev, photo by Maqsad Habibullayev, UzA
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