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01.03.2017 21:52

In honour of birth anniversary of depicter of happiness and spring

In honour of birth anniversary of depicter of happiness and spring People’s Poetess of Uzbekistan Zulfiya depicted happiness, spring, quiet dawn and pure feelings. She embodied talent, wisdom, attentiveness and patriotism. It is kind of symbolic that the first day of spring is the poetess’s birth anniversary.

On the occasion of 1st March – the people’s poetess’s birth anniversary, an enlightenment event has taken place at Zulfiya’s sculpture in Tashkent city.

The enlightenment event was conducted by the city mayor’s office, the Women’s Committee, the Uzbekistan Writers Association, the Mahalla (neighbourhood) public charity foundation and the Kamolot public youth movement. Writers and poets, teachers and literature lovers, active members of neighbourhood and women’s committees, students and members of Virtuous Girls clubs at educational establishments were invited to the event.

The chairwoman of the Tashkent city women’s committee and a deputy mayor, F.Abdurahimova; the chairman of the Writers Association, M.Ahmedov; people’s poetess of Uzbekistan E.Siddiqova and laureates of the Zulfiya state award, O.Abdullayeva; G.Avazova and D.Norqulova; the poetess’s granddaughter, historian and translator, L.Muhiddinova, and others said that Uzbek national literature’s role was great in raising the younger generation’s morality and in reliably protecting them from various ideological threats.

In this country, the continuity of work on the development of Uzbek national literature at First President Islam Karimov’s initiative is being ensured.

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President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s good initiatives on developing Uzbek national literature, on showing respect for prominent representatives of the literature sphere and on raising book-reading culture are actively supported by the wider public and literature lovers.

A bright representative of Uzbek national literature, Zulfiya, was a talented lyricist, journalist and translator as well as an attentive teacher. In poems and articles written by her, dreams and ideas of ordinary Uzbek women such as peace and calm, such caring feelings as satisfaction, love and devotion, patience and selflessness can be seen.

Peoples of the world, lovers of poems and literature regard Zulfiya as an intelligent Uzbek woman and mother with high morals. Her poems depicting dawn, spring, nature, love and devotion and other books are quite popular in this country. Zulfiya’s poems call for patriotism, altruism, love for life and the cherishing of happy and bright days.

In the years of independence, large-scale work has been carried out to thoroughly study the poetess’s creative heritage and with it to strengthen young people’s love for the Motherland and help them have a sense of responsibility and form an active civic position. The poetess’s works have been published in the form of collections. Literature clubs devoted to Zulfiya’s poems are functioning at the Uzbekistan Writers Association, the Women’s Committee and higher educational institutions. Today the Zulfiya state award gives encouragement to girls doing research in such areas as literature, education, art and sport.

“All girls in our country want to be deserving of the Zulfiya state award,” says a student of the Uzbek State University of World Languages and laureate of the Zulfiya state award, Farida Toshpolatova.

During the enlightenment event, the poetess’s poems about the Motherland, spring and tender humane feelings were read out. Songs were performed with Zulfiya lyrics. Flowers were laid at the poetess’s sculpture.

The chairperson of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan and deputy prime minister, T.Norboyeva, made a speech at the event.

Nazokat Usmonova, photo by Temur Mamadaminov, UzA
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