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04.12.2017 22:44

In Bukhara, 6 modern seven-storey apartment houses put into use

In Bukhara, 6 modern seven-storey apartment houses put into use In accordance with a Presidential decree dated 22 November 2016 on measures relating to the implementation of a programme for the construction of affordable apartment houses in towns in the years 2017-2020, 6 modern seven-storey apartment houses have been put into use in the town of Bukhara. These apartment houses consist of 252 apartments in all.

An event has been held on this occasion. It was attended by representatives of public and state establishments, veterans, young people and members of the wide public.


It has especially been emphasized at the event that the main purpose of reforms being implemented under the leadership of the President is to provide for the population’s needs and to further improve their living conditions.


“I am ecstatic. I have lived together with my family in a rented apartment for so many years. We made a down payment of 25 per cent of the cost of this new apartment. On the eve of Constitution Day, we became the owners of the three-room apartment. We will be making the rest of the payment on a privileged basis over the next 20 years,” says Muhayo Sodiqova, a teacher of the Bukhara engineering-technology institute.


There are all the modern conveniences in these apartment houses built on the basis of standard projects. Every apartment has a boiler. There is a playground in front of the apartment house.

Improvement work is being continued in the area. Here 32 multi-storey buildings will be constructed on the basis of standard projects in the years 2018-2020.

The hokim (governor) of Bukhara region, O.Barnoyev, made a speech at the event.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA
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