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02.05.2017 09:52

In an atmosphere of joy, peace and quiet

In an atmosphere of joy, peace and quiet Traditional mass cultural events “Fountains holiday” have been held in Tashkent and Samarqand. These cultural events have given local people and foreign visitors unforgettable experiences​.

There was music at fountains of the capital city from early morning, inviting inhabitants of the capital city and guests to join in the celebration, and there was a festive atmosphere everywhere. People walking there enjoyed some fresh air and saw concert programmes.

The event being held in accordance with a resolution dated 23 April 2014 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on measures to arrange youth mass cultural events “Fountains holiday” in the city of Tashkent has become people's, especially young people’s favourite holiday.

Uzbek people always aspire to make beautiful things. This is evident in grand buildings​ being constructed and parks and avenues being created, and certainly in magnificent fountains. Fountains are indicative of peaceful and calm life and also the centuries long history of the Uzbek people.

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“Fountains became popular in the East in the XIV and XV centuries and were rarities in Europe then. Ancient fountains were depicted in miniature paintings for works of Alisher Navoi and Bobur's “Boburnoma*. In the past, fountains were complex structures​ that evoked feelings of admiration. All this is evidence of the creative potential and high constructive mastery of Uzbek people's ancestors.

In the years of independence, large-scale construction work was carried out in the capital city. Tashkent is famous not only for its ancient monuments and wide good quality roads and bridges and buildings but also for its beautiful fountains. Hundreds of fountains lift people’s spirits and create a pleasant microclimate.

At events arranged by the Ministry of Culture, the Kamolot public youth movement, the hokimiyat (mayor's office) of the capital city and the republican centre of morality, cultural entertainment programmes were presented with the participation of artists, poets, writers and theatre and cinema actors. There were contests among young poets and exhibitions​ of creative works of children and young artists as well as quizzes.

Independence Square is a sacred place of the Uzbek people and evokes pride in their hearts. Fountains here are beautiful.

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“I and my friends attended a number of festive events, including a concert held at a fountain near the Tashkent economics university. Now we look at fountains in Independence Square. We are enjoying the festive atmosphere. I participated in many contests of visual arts. I achieved third place in the international contest Wonderland, ” says a student of children's school of music and art No 26 in Yunusobod District, Sabrina Ismoilova.

*The holding of such beautiful festivities is possible thanks to peace and quiet reigning in the country. In this peaceful country, people are contented with life, and they strive to do good things,. This holiday which is a symbol of peace and prosperity calls on people to live with a sense of involvement in the destiny of the Motherland,” says Muhtabar Husanova, a deputy of the Legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis (parliament).

Mass cultural events also took place at fountains near the Alisher Navoi grand academic theatre of Uzbekistan, the Istiqlol palace of arts, the palace of symposiums, at higher educational institutions and parks of culture and recreation.

The beautiful holiday of fountains was also celebrated in the city of Samarqand.

“In recent years, large-scale: improvement work was carried out in all the district centres in our region and the city of Samarqand. More than 10 new parks, avenues and cultural centres were created. Modern musical fountains appeared at these places,” says the chairman of the Samarqand regional department of the republican centre of morality, Utkir Usmonov.

“Every evening, we come to the Amir Temur avenue and walk around fountains. The fountains holiday was also celebrated at a high level,” says Sojida Qosimova.

At places where festivities were held, architects, historians and medical workers told people about the history of fountains and their usefulness for health. Poets read out poems about spring, beauty and nature.

Sayyora Shoyeva, Gholib Hasanov, photo by Alisher Isroilov, UzA
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