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10.11.2018 02:11

Improving legal culture of youth

Tashkent hosted an event on “Cooperation to improve legal culture of youth”, organized jointly by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Tashkent city Council of Uzbekistan Youth Union.

The event was attended by representatives of state and public organizations, judges, schoolchildren, students, Youth Union activists, journalists.

Participants noted that Uzbekistan focuses on protection of rights and interests of youth, their full support, stimulation of aspirations and ideas of youth. It was also emphasized that efforts on comprehensive development of youth serve to unite younger generation around a common goal.

Judges and experts spoke about improving legal culture of youth, features of democratic state building and development of civil society, prevention of crime and need for constant vigilance.

Participants visited the Supreme Court’s museum, exhibits of which made a lasting impression on guests.

Gulnoza Boboyeva, UzA
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