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24.08.2017 21:16

Important development factor

Important development factor In Sirdaryo Region, an exhibition entitled “Human interests are of great value” and a scientific-practical seminar on the subject of “The country’s peace, the Motherland’s development are the highest blessings” have taken place.

The events were arranged on the slogan “Uzbekistan is our common home” by the regional hokimiyat (governorate), the committee under the Cabinet of Ministers for inter-ethnic relations and friendship with foreign countries and the “Tasviriy oyna” (viewing glass screen) artistic association.

These events were attended by representatives of national cultural centres, state and public organizations in the region, young people and workers of mass media.

It was said that large-scale reforms being implemented in this country, peace and calm, special attention being paid to further strengthening the atmosphere of inter-ethnic accord and religious tolerance were of important significance to the bringing up of the young generation with high morals.

Representatives of various nationalities and ethnic groups in the region exercise rights and norms specified in the Constitution and work conscientiously for the development of the country and for the wellbeing of the people.

Participants in the seminar looked at a photo exhibition entitled “The value of peaceful life” and books on this subject, published in recent years, and found these to be really impressive.

During the seminar, speeches were heard on the subjects of “Inter-ethnic accord and national unity are important factors in the country’s development”, “This dear Motherland is our common home”, “The significance of religious values in ensuring peace and harmony” and “The roles of families and women in understanding national identity”.

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“First, I congratulate our people on the forthcoming greatest and dearest holiday – the 26th anniversary of the independence of our Motherland. Uzbekistan is our common home and Motherland, no matter what our ethnicity, language and creed are. Holidays celebrated in this country are also ours. We are proud of this country’s inter-ethnic accord, harmony and religious tolerance,” says Aleksandr Aristov, the chairman of the Russian cultural centre of the republic.

A concert was performed by folk art groups of national cultural centres in the region and the republic and “Sirdaryo navolari [melodies of Sirdaryo]” academic ensemble.

Participants in the seminar and active people of national cultural centres in Sirdaryo Region visited the homes of ethnic Russians, Tajiks, Azerbaijanis and Kyrgyz people in the region to hold conversations with them.

Abdujalol Qayumov, photo by Furqat Toshmatov, UzA
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