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20.08.2016 09:32:32

Houses “Kamolot” for Young Families in Andijan region

Apartment houses “Kamolot”, which are provided on the basis of a soft loan to young families without making down payment, are built in accordance with the resolution of the President of our country, “On additional measures for implementation of the state youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated February 6, 2014, in Andijan region. An important guide to action in this direction is the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures for further support the provision of housing for young families who are actively involved in the public life of the country” from September 8, 2014.

All the amenities for young families created in 90 two-, three- and four-room flats of three-storey house.

The khokim (head of administration) of the Andijan region Sh.Abdurahmonov made a speech in event.