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06.06.2018 21:37

Household waste is an environmental problem for the whole world

Among the issues discussed at the Central Asian International Environmental Forum in Tashkent, a special place is given to the integrated management of solid domestic waste.

At the general session on the second day of the forum on this issue, leading foreign scientists and specialists spoke about the accumulated experience and modern technologies used in the integrated management of solid domestic waste.

As the geographer from Switzerland Otto Simonett noted, today the global problem of waste intensifies due to migration and demographic growth of the population, evolution of consumption, ecological illiteracy. He also noted that the Central Asian states are achieving positive results in handling domestic waste.

The Central Asian International Environmental Forum, organized in connection with June 5 – World Environment Day to jointly form the strategy for sustainable development of the region, strengthen dialogue between states, international organizations, scientific community, civil society and business, continues its work.

Malokhat Khusanova, UzA
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