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09.12.2017 19:27

House of Friendship in Namangan

House of Friendship in Namangan The ceremony dedicated to the commissioning of this institution, built on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was attended by officials of Namangan regional and city khokimiyats, heads of state and public organizations, national cultural centers, representatives of various nationalities, and youth.

It was noted that the path of development that had been achieved by our people in the years of independence, the success achieved in economic and social spheres, the increased authority of Uzbekistan in the international community – all became possible due to the policy pursued in our country aimed at strengthening consensus and cohesion among representatives of various nationalities.

House of Friendship in Namangan

More than 22 thousand Kyrgyz citizens, 12 thousand – Russian, 3 thousand – Korean nationalities live in the region in peace and harmony, they are actively participating in construction of a democratic legal state and strengthening of independence. In the region, all conditions are created for preservation and development of national culture and traditions, education of children in their native language and in the spirit of national values. There are Russian, Korean, Kyrgyz, Tajik national cultural centers.

House of Friendship in Namangan

Two-story building, allocated for the House of Friendship, has acquired a beautiful modern look after the reconstruction. All conditions for the activities of Russian, Korean, Kyrgyz, Tajik national cultural centers are created.

House of Friendship in Namangan

At the event, amateur art groups of national cultural centers, young talents presented a concert program.

The participants of the event got acquainted with the creative work carried out in the House of Friendship, exhibitions organized about the history, culture, customs and traditions of various nations.

Khokim of Namangan region H.Bozorov delivered a speech at the event.

Akramjon Sattorov, photos by Khotam Mamadaliyev, UzA
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