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13.06.2017 19:07

Holidays will be enjoyable

In Andijon Region, there are 14 holiday camps outside towns and 43 recreational facilities at general education schools. In this summer, 22 thousand 450 children will stay at these sites.

This information was given at a seminar held at the “Shifokor” children’s holiday facility in Buloqboshi District of Andijon Region. The seminar was arranged by the regional department of the state public health centre, the region’s health, public education and culture departments and trade unions.

The seminar was attended by managers of children’s summer holiday facilities and representatives of relevant establishments.

It was said at the seminar that special attention was being paid to creating modern conditions for the younger generation to develop harmoniously, and specifically to ensuring that children spend their summer holidays in a meaningful fashion.

There was discussion about doing improvement work at holiday facilities and about the provision of necessary equipment, books and medicines.

Adequately qualified teachers and medical workers with sufficient experience will be working at those holiday camps. Agreements reached between farmers and the relevant establishments on supplies of foodstuffs, fruits and vegetables are significant here. Special attention is also paid to the strict observance of health and hygiene norms and to creating reserves of medicines consisting of 14 types of first aid items and 32 types of medicaments.

“Cleanliness at the holiday camps and the strict observance of health and hygiene norms are under constant supervision,” says Shahnoza Hakimova, chief of children’s and teenagers’ hygiene department of the regional public and environmental health monitoring centre.

At the seminar, the following tasks were specified: conducting festivals, sports events, meetings with artistes and sportsmen, various entertainment evenings and art events in cooperation with the Kamolot public youth movement, the Mahalla public charity foundation, public education departments and culture and sports clubs.

Fahriddin Ubaydullayev, UzA
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