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05.07.2017 09:09

Holidays proving to be colourful

Holidays proving to be colourful More than 700 children are enjoying their holidays at the “Sarmish” children’s health improvement camp in Navbahor District of Navoiy Region.

“Here all the necessary conditions have been created for children’s summer holidays to be arranged at a high level. Our immediate task is to make sure that children have a good rest close to nature and become healthier and more developed spiritually,” says the director of the camp, Mahbuba Umarova.

There are various thematic and sporting clubs functioning at the camp. Children are participating very actively in its English language and arts and crafts clubs. There are more than 3 thousand books in a library there. Cultural events are also being held.

“I am enjoying my holidays at this camp located at the foot of a mountain. Together with my peers I am participating in various clubs. We like colourful entertainment programmes very much,” says Nigora Otakulova from Karmana District.

Nuriddin Rahimov, photo by Siroj Aslonov, UzA
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