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03.08.2017 14:24

Holidays at “Shabada” health improvement camp

At children’s health improvement camp “Shabada” under the Qizilqumtsement joint-stock company in Navoiy Region, more than 300 children have rest at a time.

“At this camp, all the necessary conditions have been created for children to have a good rest and to begin the forthcoming academic year with new strength. Workers of the medical station and leaders of detachments constantly monitor children’s health,” says the director of the camp, G.Jorakulova.

At this camp, there are science clubs and sports sections functioning effectively. Children attend English language sessions, visual arts, computer literacy and handicraft training sessions with pleasure. In the library of the camp, all the conditions have been created for meaningful leisure time.

“I am glad that I am spending my holidays at this good camp. I attend clubs here together with my peers. I achieved first place in a swimming competition. Intellectual games and entertainment programmes make our holidays even more interesting,” says Sh.Jabborov.

In accordance with the camp’s regimen, children use a swimming pool in hot summer days. Children’s journeys to countryside are arranged if the temperature allows, and under reliable supervision.

Nuriddin Rahimov, UzA
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