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05.09.2018 22:03

Holiday gift for children

Holiday gift for children
Special preschool education institution No. 82 for children with speech defects has been put into operation in Bukhara city after a major reconstruction.

The building of this preschool education institution, built 41 years ago, underwent maintenance several times, but despite this, didn’t meet the requirements of state standards. After the reconstruction, appearance of this institution has changed dramatically, additional amenities have been created.

Construction activities for 3.5 billion sums have been carried out in the kindergarten, located on the territory of “Shaykh ul-olam” makhalla citizen’s gathering, included in “Obod makhalla” (“Prosperous neighborhood”) program. Sponsorship assistance was provided by “Bukhara oil refinery” unitary enterprise.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA
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