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30.08.2017 17:11

Holiday festivities at “Navrozbuloq”

At the “Navrozbuloq” recreational facility in the town of Jizzakh, a festive event has been conducted on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the Motherland’s independence on the slogan “Our love and devotion to you, Uzbekistan”.

The event was arranged by the Jizzakh Regional council of the Milliy Tiklanish democratic party of Uzbekistan.

This event was attended by people of the “Qipchoq” and “Turon” neighbourhoods, representatives of the public and young people.

The “Navrozbuloq’ facility was improved in the years of independence. Now it is one of the attractive places in the town of Jizzakh. There many people of the town and guests at this facility these days.

On the eve of the greatest and dearest holiday, cultural enlightenment events devoted to Independence Day are taking place at children’s park and elders’ park at the “Navrozuloq” facility.

“Thanks to our country’s independence, our national values were restored. Our Motherland’s independence made it possible to respect our values and traditions, to enrich them for future generations and to understand our national identity. Each and everyone of us should be deeply aware of this truth so that our future will be even brighter,” says S.Boyhorozov, the manager of this recreational facility and a deputy of the Jizzakh town council of people’s deputies.

As part of the event, sponsors gave diplomas and memorable gifts to a number of veterans and active people of the neighbourhood.

Famous artistes performed songs about the Motherland, independence, peace and friendship, giving further festive cheer to the event.

Toshqul Beknazarov, UzA
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