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02.06.2017 06:48

Holiday event held at national library on International Children’s Day

On the occasion of International Children’s Day, colourful events are being held at all cultural enlightenment places, beautiful parks and avenues in the capital city. Such a holiday event has also been held at the Alisher Navoiy national library of Uzbekistan on the slogan of “Care and attention to every child”. Boys and girls found this event to be rich in interesting and unforgettable experiences.

The event started with an exhibition of books and pictures. At this exhibition, new books intended for young book lovers, publications for children, drawings and photographs were displayed.

At the exhibition, there are large numbers of boys and girls and their parents looking at such books as “A healthy generation is our future”, “Following in the footsteps of a teacher”, “Erudite people’s encyclopaedia” and “Children’s encyclopaedia”.

“I bring my grandchild Shodiya to this library quite often. Here we spend time reading books,” says Saida living in the capital city.

The library arranged a unique competition directed towards increasing boys’ and girls’ knowledge and their interest in learning foreign languages. Teams of boys and girls from more than 10 general education schools in the capital city participated in this competition.

Memorable gifts were given to the participants in the competition. Children also performed songs.

Malohat Husanova, UzA
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