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22.09.2017 10:26

Highest blessing

At the Tashkent institute of irrigation and agriculture mechanization, a spiritual enlightenment event entitled “Peace – a guarantee of people’s wellbeing” has taken place. This event was devoted to International Day of Peace.

The deputy rector of the Tashkent institute of irrigation and agriculture mechanization, K.Shavazov; a people’s artiste of Uzbekistan, G.Zokirova; and others emphasized the important role of peace and calm for people. They also said that peace should be preserved, that peace was a guarantee of happy life and that the younger generation should be brought up in the spirit of peace-loving.

“The careful preservation of our country’s peace and calm and its atmosphere of love and mercy, mutual respect and inter-ethnic accord is one of the priority tasks of all people. At today’s event, I read out my poem entitled ‘My Motherland’. It is about happy children and noble elders living in our country and about my peers who are keen to acquire knowledge,” says a master’s degree student of the institute, Sarvinoz Holova.

It was emphasized during the event that people should cherish peaceful, calm and prosperous life in this country and should make their contribution to the wellbeing and prosperity of the Motherland.

Sayyora Shoyeva, UzA
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