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01.01.1970 06:00:00

Help for young farmers

A conversation entitled “Homestead land is a source of additional income” has been held by the young farmers council of Uzbekistan. About 50 issues relating to the work of young farmers, peasants’ holdings and homestead land owners have been discussed at this conversation.

Representatives of the Jizzakh regional hokimiyat (governorate), the regional council of the Uzbekistan youth union, farms, peasants’ holdings and homestead land owners and commercial banks participated in the conversation.

During the conversation, there was discussion about work carried out to provide comprehensive support for homestead land owners, about the construction of small greenhouses and about the effective use of modern scientific achievements. The necessary recommendations on farming were given.

“Regrettably, there are still obstacles to the development of young people’s farms in localities. Together with the Uzbekistan youth union, we are studying problems of young farmers and are taking measures to provide practical help for them,” says Ilyos Safarov, a senior specialist of the young farmers council.

During the event, there was an exchange of views on solving existing problems.