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14.08.2018 20:36

“Gurvak” is a symbol of Khorezm melon breeding

Ancient and eternally young city of Khiva hosted a melon festival.

The best gifts of nature, grown by specialized farms of the region were presented. Representatives of local and foreign travel agencies, foreign guests attended the event.

Within the framework of the festival, “Sweet melon” competition was held. Participants of the competition – farmers – competed in seeds selection, the skill of drying melons, the rules of winter storage of this product. The first place in the competition was taken by farmers of Urgench district, the second by farmers of Hazorasp, the third by farmers from Gurlen.

At the competition, diplomas and valuable gifts were also presented to farmers who have been effectively involved in development of melon breeding, introducing new agrotechnical methods into the sphere, increasing the export potential, cultivating new varieties of melon.

Ahmadjon Shokirov, UzA
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