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31.08.2018 21:49

Gratitude to a venerable mother

Gratitude to a venerable mother
102-year-old Mumina-momo Ganiyeva from Navbakhor district of Navoi region is among those who have recently been awarded the “Shukhrat” (“Glory”) medal by the decree of the Head of the state.

These days the house of Mumina-momo in Yaltirabod makhalla is crowded as never before. Early in the morning, officials of the regional khokimiyat, representatives of state and public organizations, residents of the makhalla, relatives and friends gathered in the house to congratulate the venerable mother, who lives in the environment of love and care of 6 children, 20 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Khokim of Navoi region K.Tursunov on behalf of the President of the country congratulated the respected Mumina-momo and solemnly handed her the “Shukhrat” medal. He also congratulated her on the 27th anniversary of independence of the Motherland.

Mumina-momo thanked the Almighty for the current peaceful and bright days, wished the country further prosperity and well-being to people.

Nuriddin Rakhimov, UzA
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