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09.05.2017 18:51

Gratitude for attention

Gratitude for attention Shukur Mamatnazarov, who lives in the village of Jighachi in Qorakol District of Bukhara Region, made a worthy contribution to the victory over Nazism in World War Two.

In accordance with a Presidential decree dated 4 April 2017 “On awards for participants in World War Two” and a Presidential resolution “On measures to prepare for Day of Remembrance and Honour and to celebrate this holiday”, a monetary prize, gifts and a special certificate for the purchase of a modern automobile have been given to Shukur Mamatnazarov.

“I am immensely grateful for this attention accorded to me. May the Creator protect our country’s peace and calm from the evil eye,” says Shukur Mamatnazarov.

Photo by Tohir Istatov, UzA
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