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07.08.2018 14:16

Future priority tasks are defined

A video conference devoted to the explanation of the essence and significance of the resolution of the President of Uzbekistan on radical improvement of the system of raising the spiritual-enlightenment level of Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held at the Academy of Armed Forces.

It was attended by responsible employees of the Ministry of Defense, members of the Public Council under the Ministry, representatives of other ministries and departments.

At the meeting, the Defense Minister A.Azizov informed participants about activities conducted on preparation of comprehensively developed military personnel, improving the system of command and control, as well as strengthening the defense power of the country, improving and enhancing the role of public authorities at places and civil society. He focused on tasks defined in the resolution, on practical work carried out in this direction, problems in the sphere and their solution.

The resolution provides for introduction in the troops of the Ministry of Defense of posts of psychologist, leading sociologist and advisors to commanders of military units on spirituality and enlightenment, as well as opening of “Turon” theater-studio. Every Friday in the system of the Armed Forces is established as the day of spirituality and patriotism. The need for holding regular spiritual-enlightenment activities on this day was mentioned at the meeting.

At the meeting, military servicemen expressed their opinions on the resolution.

Abdulaziz Musayev, UzA
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