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08.08.2019 17:25:12

Founders of Wonderful Places and House of Rawan to visit Uzbekistan

The First World Influencers Congress, to be held in Uzbekistan on August 22-27, is expected to be attended by about 100 well-known bloggers. Among them is also the founder of Wonderful Places page Susan Brooks, who talks about her travels to different countries through Instagram.

The founder of Senstylable blog (9.6 million followers) Reita Hackaj, who has almost 2 million posts, is also expected to arrive in Uzbekistan. The page is intended for fashion and shopping lovers.

In addition, many famous personalities, such as Rawan Bin Hussain (3.6 million followers), the founder of the Matte Liquid Lipstick brand, and the House of Rawan chain of stores, Sadaf beauty blogger (2 million followers), a resident of San Francisco, a wonderful tourist photographer Altug Galip (1.3 million followers), also confirmed their visits to Uzbekistan.

The main goal of the First World Influencers Congress is to create a platform for the exchange of ideas and best practices for development of tourism and expansion of a global network of bloggers. The Congress unites opinion leaders around the world and is regularly held in different parts of the world.