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10.08.2017 18:13

Forum of young families and girls

Forum of young families and girls In Andijon, the first republican forum “Young families and girls” is being held, devoted to the 26th anniversary of the independence of the Motherland and 12 August – International Youth Day.

The forum is being conducted by the region’s hokimiyat (governorate), women’s committee and the regional council of the Uzbekistan youth union in accordance with a Presidential decree dated 5 July 2017 “On measures to increase the effectiveness of the state youth policy and support the activity of the Uzbekistan youth union”.

As part of the forum, the regional trade unions association conducted an event, and it was attended by students of academic lyceums and vocational colleges, young families and unorganized youths.

It was said that in this country special attention was paid to the creation of conditions and possibilities for the harmonious development of the younger generation and a display of talent.

“The upbringing of girls, their education and learning of modern professions and also the development of high morals are important for every family. In this sense, the forum helps to strengthen young families, to educate young people, especially girls, and to develop their culture of communication and medical culture,” says Manzura Yunusova, the chairperson of the regional women’s committee and deputy hokim (deputy governor) of Andijon Region.

At the event, there was a dialogue between girls and active members of the women’s wings of political parties, businesswomen and deputies of the regional, district and town councils of people’s deputies.

“I found the dialogue to be impressive. During the conversation with businesswomen and deputies, I got useful information about hard work,” says a student of the Andijon machine-building vocational college, Mumtoza Madaminova.

As part of the forum, which will continue until the weekend, a scientific-practical conference entitled “Education and science” will be held at Andijon’s state university. New books will be presented, and master classes will be conducted at regional children’s centre of creative activity “Barkamol Avlod”. There will also be art exhibitions and sports competitions.

Fahriddin Ubaydullayev, photo by Zuhriddin Umrzoqov, UzA
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