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10.03.2017 16:33

Exemplary police strong points

Exemplary police strong points The Qashqadaryo Regional stage of the “Internal affairs agencies’ exemplary strong point” contest has taken place in Karshi.

It was said that consistent work being carried out in this country to ensure peace and calm and the stability of the moral climate, to prevent violations of the law, to fight offences and to protect human rights was giving great results.

This contest is important in supporting and encouraging the work of police strong points in cooperation with various public organizations.

In determining the contest’s winners, special attention was given to the situation in areas where police strong points serve, preventive inspectors’ cooperation with neighbourhood citizens’ gatherings and people, their knowledge and experience and work with underage youths.

14 police strong points participated in the contest. Police strong point No 20 in the territory of the “Gulshan” neighbourhood citizens’ gathering in the town of Karshi won and obtained the right to participate in the republican stage of the contest.

Police strong point No 116 in the territory of the “Qoziguzar” neighbourhood citizens’ gathering in Shahrisabz District and police strong point No 238 in the territory of the “Qamashi” village citizens’ gathering in Kasbi District achieved second place and third place respectively. Winners were also determined in various nominations at the contest, and awards were given to them.

Olmas Barotov, photo by Jamshid Norqobilov, UzA
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