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13.04.2017 19:08

Ensuring stability of moral climate - important task

In Andijon Region’s Izbosgan District, an event has taken place on the subject of “Ensuring the stability of the moral climate is an important task”.

This event was arranged by the region’s hokimiyat (governorate) in cooperation with its internal affairs main directorate as part of the implementation of the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests state programme. The event was attended by officials of local governorates, the chiefs of law enforcement departments, the managers of enterprises and organizations, deputies of the regional and district councils of people’s deputies, the chairmen of neighbourhood citizens’ gatherings, journalists and members of the wider public.

It was said that a unique system of dialogue had been created between officials of state departments and the population of the country and that it was producing great results in resolving problems on site and ensuring people’s interests.

There was discussion about work being done to strengthen the social and moral climate in neighbourhoods in border areas, to study and resolve problems of people, to develop the small business and private entrepreneurship sphere, to make effective use of homestead land and to create new jobs.

“Every citizen is responsible for strengthening the stability of the social-moral climate and peace and calm in the neighbourhoods. In this process it is important to prevent people, especially young people, from coming under the influence of alien ideas and various ills,” says Sh.Tursunov, deputy hokim (deputy governor) of the region.

It was noted at the event that there was a need to strictly observe the border procedure and regulations, to prevent law violations and offences, to ensure families’ unity and to give special attention to issues relating to young people’s upbringing.

A documentary film about results of negligence in bringing up a child was shown.

Fahriddin Ubaydullayev, UzA
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