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14.04.2018 00:13

Embodiment of sincere friendship and brotherhood

Embodiment of sincere friendship and brotherhood On April 12, a bus, which made the first ride on the new route Tashkent – Almaty – Tashkent, arrived in Almaty.

Today, relations of Uzbekistan with the neighboring Kazakhstan are developing in all spheres at a qualitatively new level. The heads of the two states made mutual visits at various levels in a short time. Meetings were held within the framework of international and regional organizations. In addition, in connection with various events, telephone conversations and the exchange of messages took place.

The Joint Declaration on further deepening the strategic partnership and strengthening good-neighborliness between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Kazakhstan, 212 documents of various levels, signed in March 2017, significantly strengthened the legal basis of bilateral relations.

This can be seen in consistent growth of mutual trade, implementation of important investment projects in energy and mechanical engineering, expansion of cooperation in the fields of road, rail and air transport, culture and art.

There are more than 200 enterprises with participation of Kazakhstan's capital in Uzbekistan, in Kazakhstan – more than 130 enterprises created jointly with entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan, the volumes of mutual trade are growing steadily, large joint projects are being implemented in various sectors of the economy. Uzbekistan exports to Kazakhstan natural gas, vehicles, mineral fertilizers, textile, electrical engineering, building products, fruits and vegetables, and many other goods. Kazakhstan exports to Uzbekistan oil, metal, flour, oil. In a short time, the trade turnover between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan amounted to 2 billion USD. Currently, work is underway to bring this figure to $5 billion.

The roads and railways of the two countries are integrated in a mutually integrated way. This important communication network serves as a transit for the third countries. Over the years, practical cooperation has developed in transport sector, interregional cooperation has been strengthened, opening of Tashkent – Termez highway section through the territory of Maktaaral district of Kazakhstan, establishment of Tashkent – Almaty high-speed train, international bus route Tashkent – Shymkent – Tashkent serve to further development of transport communications, interregional relations, trade and tourism.

Establishment of the new international bus route Tashkent – Almaty – Tashkent is evidence of expansion of cooperation in this direction.

On April 11, this year, a pilot ride on this route has been successfully carried out.

Speakers at the opening ceremony of the international route emphasized that it would serve to raise relations between the two fraternal and friendly nations to a qualitatively new level and play an important role in further development of socio-economic, cultural, humanitarian, trade and tourism spheres.

As previously reported, the carriers have set the cost of the route at the amount of 100 thousand sums and 4,000 tenge, respectively. Regular traffic will begin from the bus station "Tashkent" on April 12 and will be carried out three times a day (at 16:00, 17:00 and 18:00).

On April 11, at 17:00, Tashkent time, a bus that left the bus station "Tashkent" in Chilanzar district arrived at the checkpoints "Gisht Kuprik" (Uzbekistan) and "Jibek Joly" (Kazakhstan) in a short time.

The bus with passengers – representatives of public, mass media workers of Uzbekistan – arrived at the bus station "Sayran" in the city of Almaty on April 12 at 9:30. Guests from Uzbekistan were met by a local public.

Guests from Uzbekistan got acquainted with the sights of Almaty. The former capital and one of the largest cities of Kazakhstan is one of the cultural, financial and economic centers of the country. The city acquires a modern look and becomes more beautiful every day.

The bus that left in the opposite direction returned to Tashkent in the morning of April 13.

Bayram Aytmuradov, photos by Temur Mamadaminov, UzA
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