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31.08.2017 19:49

Eid al-Adha to be celebrated properly

Thanks to the country’s independence, all the necessary conditions and opportunities have been created for its people to worship freely and for Muslims to observe religious rituals fully.

Today every one got a feeling of satisfaction with peace and serenity and this great blessing – the country’s independence, which made it possible for such centuries-old dreams to be realised.

In accordance with a Presidential decree dated 24 August 2017 “On celebrating Eid al-Adha”, Andijon Region is also to celebrate this holiday properly.

“Eid al-Adha prayers are to be performed in 171 mosques in the region. In these mosques, all the necessary conditions and conveniences have been created for worshippers,” says Mirzamaqsud Alimov, the Uzbekistan Muslims Board’s representative in Andijon Region and deputy chief imam of the region.

Officers of the region’s interior department in partnership with the region’s public health and environmental health centre have taken the necessary measures to ensure cleanliness, people’s security and safety in the mosques where Eid prayers are to be performed.

All these mosques have been provided with sound amplifiers, and electronic information panels have been installed there to create a festive atmosphere and to lift people’s spirits.

Fahriddin Ubaydullayev, UzA
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