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11.07.2017 20:58

Effective mechanism for raising law awareness

In this country, special attention is being paid to raising the law awareness of people and protecting their legitimate interests.

A Presidential resolution dated 8 February 2017 on measures to improve the system of promulgation of law documents is an important programme document for continuing work in this area at a new phase.

This helps to promulgate laws being adopted in this country and to ensure their observance and also the supremacy of law in society.

In Surkhondaryo Region, people’s self-governing bodies, state departments and nongovernmental non-profit organizations and also other civil society institutions are paying special attention to arranging the promulgation of laws in society.

“In the Region, the scale of work on the promulgation of laws is expanding, and special attention is being given to widely explaining the essence and significance of norm-setting regulatory documents being adopted. Nongovernmental non-profit organizations are making a responsible approach to raising the law awareness of young people, women and girls and entrepreneurs,” says R.Norliyev, chief of the Surkhondaryo Regional department of the independent institute for monitoring civil society formation.

There are more than 10 nongovernmental non-profit organizations functioning in the region, such as “Women and time”, “Helping youths learn professions” and “Women’s health and beauty centre”. These help to raise the law awareness of young people, women and girls and to strengthen their knowledge about this sphere.

The Region’s trade unions association, the Regional directorate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Regional farmers council are conducting law promulgation events among entrepreneurs and farmers.

Holmomin Mamatrayimov, UzA
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