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03.05.2019 17:36:17

Economic courts will have the opportunity to hold a pretrial hearing as a method for resolving conflicts

At the nineteenth plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, the Law “On introduction of amendments and addenda to the Economic Procedure Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan” was considered.

Analysis of judicial practice shows that judges delay trial in 6 out of 100 cases. At the same time, 50 percent of such cases arise due to the absence of any of the participants in the process or the lack of evidence confirming the notice of all participants in the process about the time and place of the new court hearing in a proper way.

For this reason, amendments are introduced to the Economic Procedure Code, which allows to hold a pretrial hearing as a method for resolving the conflict.

Possible cases are identified to determine the maximum number of postponement of the trial (3 times), in particular, postponement (10 times) and interruption (3 times) in economic proceedings, as well as cases that allow to postpone the trial and declare a break in case of unforeseen causes and emergencies.

As it was noted, the adoption of the law will ensure accelerated implementation in Uzbekistan of the requirements and conditions stipulated in the indicators of the annual Doing Business report of the International Finance Corporation. Moreover, it will help create a favorable investment environment and improve the position of Uzbekistan in this rating.

At the session, the senators approved this law.