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05.07.2018 20:49

Draft laws on improving the business environment and strengthening human health are discussed

At the regular meeting of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis on July 5, deputies considered current draft laws, which serve as the legal basis for guaranteeing entrepreneurial activities in the country and aimed at strengthening human health. In view of the urgency of issues on the agenda, they were first considered at the meetings of political party factions in the lower house and the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan and became the reason for lively discussions.

At the meeting, which became the logical continuation of debates, deputies started the second reading with discussion of the draft law providing for introduction of amendments and additions to certain legislative acts with a view to further intensification of activities of farms and homestead land owners, establishment of effective use of sown areas.

As noted, the adoption of the draft law will serve to determine the distinctive features of dehkan farms and household land plots, increase the responsibility of dehkan farms and owners of household plots in effective use of crop areas, strengthen the system of public control in this direction by civil society institutions.

Then deputies discussed the draft law providing for introduction of amendments to the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Responsibility of the Republic of Uzbekistan with a view to further strengthening the independence of business entities and ensuring the inviolability of private property.

The draft law defines the strengthening of liability for violation of the right of private property, the procedure for conducting inspections of activities of business entities and auditing their financial and economic activities, licensing legislation and legislation on licensing procedures, encouraging business entities to sponsor and coercion into other activities, as well as reclaiming subjects of business excessive documentation with violation of legislation, in general, for interference in a legitimate business activities.

The draft law “On transplantation of human organs, tissues and (or) cells” put on the agenda of the first reading, along with the fact that deputies have a special demanding and attentive approach to this issue for expressing their point of view, also became a subject of lively disputes and discussions.

It was noted that the draft law determines conditions, the order of transplantation of human organs and cells based on achievements of modern medical sciences and practice. The goals and conditions for transplantation, transplantation sites and conservation, the range of donors, the rights of the donor and the recipient, as well as conditions for removal donors' organs and tissues are also specified. In view of the fact that the issue concerns not only medicine, but also procedures directly related to human life, the world position on this issue is not the same. When developing the draft law regulating relations in this sphere, all opinions and experience of foreign countries were studied. In particular, the analysis of legislation of the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Israel, India, Australia, Russia, Belarus and other countries was made, where human organ transplantation is legally permitted. Currently, more than 200 thousand transplant operations are performed annually in the world. About 4 thousand such operations are carried out annually in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

According to deputies, the adoption of this draft law will serve to bring reforms in the field of medicine in line with world standards, preservation of lives of many people. Following the lively disputes, the draft law was adopted in the first reading.

Then, deputies discussed a draft law aimed at further reducing and simplifying licensing procedures in business sector, ensuring transparency in licensing work, drastically reducing unnecessary bureaucratic processes in conduction of business, as well as improving the business environment.

This draft law provides for granting all licenses with an unlimited duration of validity, giving the right to carry out certain types of activities, except for licenses for medical and pharmaceutical activities, activities related to circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, for the use and maintenance of mobile radiotelephone (cellular) communication networks and distribution networks for television and radio waves, as well as for extraction, processing and sale of oil, gas and gas condensate.

As deputies emphasized, the adoption of this draft law will serve to further improvement of the investment climate and business environment in the country, ensuring reliable protection of the rights and freedoms of business entities.

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of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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