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17.03.2017 21:03

Dialogue with young people

The Tashkent military district jointly with the Tashkent city hokimiyat (mayor’s office) arranged an open dialogue devoted to ensuring employment for young people who had been transferred to the reserve after completing fixed-term military service.

The event held at the Tashkent state economics university was attended by the chiefs of the personnel departments of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the territorial headquarters of the border troops of the National Security Service, the Tashkent city main directorates of internal affairs and labour, various enterprises and establishments, young people who had returned from fixed-term military service and their parents.

It was said at the event that in this country the issue of ensuring employment for young men who had acquired military knowledge and experience and who had gone through the school of bravery and courage in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan was raised to the state policy level. Appropriate recommendations and information were given to young people about job placement, the continuation of their military service on a contractual basis, entry to higher military education establishments and higher education institutions. Participants familiarized themselves with possibilities created in this country for small business representatives, particularly with conditions for young people to set up their own business.

“Members of the public council at the Ministry of Defence, representatives of the Women’s Committee, the Kamolot public youth movement, the Mahalla public charity foundation and the Nuroniy foundation are holding various conferences and job fairs for us, young people. I did military service in Bukhara. I obtained from the military unit a recommendation giving the right of entry to a higher education institution on preferential terms,” says Humoyun Yunusov.

In the course of the open dialogue, officials gave detailed answers to questions from young people.

Dilshod Karimov, UzA
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