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03.05.2019 16:59:16

Developed countries widely use public-private partnership mechanism

The Law “On public-private partnership” was considered at the nineteenth plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis.

International practice in public-private partnership shows that in undeveloped countries, this cooperation is mainly aimed at implementing social objectives. In developed countries, the mechanism of public-private partnership is widely used in implementation of large projects, which gives great results.

Based on this, the Law “On public-private partnership” was developed in Uzbekistan in order to regulate and effectively coordinate the public-private partnership system. It consists of 10 chapters and 44 articles.

The law defines general rules, paragraphs on regulating by the state of a public-private partnership, agreements on public-private partnership, mechanisms for choosing a private partner, initiating a project based on a public-private partnership and implementing it, monitoring and reporting project implementation, as well as financial support for public private partnership.

According to the document, the term of a public-private partnership agreement should not be less than three years and should not exceed nine years.

The law is approved by senators.